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Girls on Track ... 6th through 8th grade girls

Girls on the Run is the name of our organization, but we have two programs:

The Girls on the Run curriculum has been in use since the fall of 1996.  Since that time thousands of girls have been through the program, but what we soon discovered is, they were having so much fun and getting so connected, they wanted something that would carry them through middle school.  We originally wanted to call it Girls on the Run for Middle Schoolers.  The girls who were participating told us they wanted something they could call their own.  Hence the birth of Girls on Track.

The principal philosophies and psychological research for both programs are the same yet the depth of processing the topics varies with the two different curricula.  We can go into more targeted and age-appropriate discussion regarding certain topics such as eating disorders, tobacco and alcohol use, personal/internet safety and harassment with the middle school participants, whereas with the younger girls, the discussion remains a bit more vague or may not occur at all. 

The Girls on Track curriculum provides the tools to take on the many challenges of this time of life.  As with all Girls on the Run programming, what rests at our core is the belief that our girls have the wisdom to make decisions that will intentionally lead them toward a path of wholeness, fulfillment and seeking their greatest potential.  What often interferes are the conflicting messages that they receive about what it means to be a girl in our society.  The Girls on Track curriculum provides a girl with the skills to shut out the noise of an external world that is attempting to limit who she is and to instead listen to her individual truth - the one that will lead her toward an enriching and contented life.

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 Willowside Middle  Santa Rosa

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 Diane Martin

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